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last modified: 21 Aug 2017
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Introducing the LIV Tablet!

Try the LIV Tablet exclusively at H/S Physical Therapy.

When combined with the Meeks Method for postural correction, we offer the most comprehensive approach in the region for patient with bone health issues.

Low intensity vibration that provides benefits for:

Non-pharmacologic intervention for individual with osteopenia/ osteoporosis and other bone health issues.

Only at H/S Physical Therapy!
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H/S Physical Therapy has concierge service available for your preventative physical therapy and wellness needs.   Our concierge service encampasses wellness, exercise, and personal responsibility while integrating it with your healthcare.  People know they need to exercise in some manner to stay healthy.  Some exercise independently but most need a push.  Most of you have medical issues and conditions which require the "correct" exercise prescription.  Some of you are not comfortable in a typical fitness center and the level of expertise that they fail to provide.  Many of you have indicated that you need a different experience, a more personalized approach with supervision in a smaller more intimate environment.

In brief, you would pay cash up front either yearly or quarterly to access the services of a Doctor of Physical Therapy (Frank J. Ciuba), exercise physiologist, or qualified DPT student under Frank J. Ciuba's direct supervision.  An evaluation of your condition would still be scheduled and you would receive appropriate exercise for your condition. You would be seen an additional 1-2 follow up visits and then continue at our facility with your exercise program.

What this means is you no longer need to use your insurance, obtain prescriptions, get referrals, pay copayments or deductibles for some conditions.  You are accessing our services under your own judgment.

 We are thankful for our patient trust in us to supervise their exercise programs, and consult with them regarding any related health issues while they are here.

We are hopeful that you will consider enrolling.  The rate for our concierge program will NOT increase for the new year.

There are certain situations where concierge service would NOT apply.  You would also still have the option of using your health insurance if you so choose.  We hope you take advantage of this amazing offer!  Should you have any questions about the discount, or the concierge program in general, please contact us at 215-513-1816. Thank you for your loyalty to our practice


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